Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Sisters of St. Rita Rosary Walk

The Sisters of St. Rita, Augustinian Sisters in Racine, Wisconsin, whose charism is to care for the elderly at St. Monica's Senior Living, have completed a gorgeous rosary walk behind St. Monica's. The garden walk, made with natural elements and breathtaking works of art by Aichim Klass from Ontario, Canada, is a perfect place to meditate.  Just behind the large crucifix there are two small, flowering bushes and a brand-new statue of the Blessed Mother with the infant Jesus, which was recently dedicated by Bishop Hying.  The bushes and the statue represent the beads upon which we pray for an increase in faith, hope and charity.  Behind the statue, visitors may walk the circular rosary path.  Each bush on the path represents one bead of the rosary.  The mysteries of the rosary are displayed on cement plaques that are also the work of Aichim Klass.  The entire rosary walk is beautiful and a great way to honor our Lady in prayer and to find some peace for your heart as well.  Visitors are always welcome, no need to call ahead.  Perhaps, until you can find an occasion to visit, you would enjoy praying with the pictures below which were all taken by my daughter, Mary.  Yet, as beautiful as the pictures are, they can't compare to praying with the images in person, so please do plan to pray at the Sisters of St. Rita Rosary Walk soon and often!  For more information about the Sisters of St. Rita Rosary Walk, visit their facebook page here.

Faith, Hope and Charity

the walk
A Hail Mary Bead
The First Mysteries

The Second Mysteries

The Third Mysteries

The Fourth Mysteries

The Fifth Mysteries


  1. You may want to check the third set of have the Transfiguration instead of the Proclamation of the Kingdom of God...

    Dave P.

    1. Thanks, Dave P.! So glad to know that someone was paying close attention! I need all the help I can get! I'll fix it pronto!