Friday, August 14, 2009

A Few Assumptions about Mary

On this Holy Day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I would like to make a few assumptions about our lovely Mother...

I assume that Mary delighted in each and every kick of the infant Jesus inside her womb, and used those kicks as a reminder to thank God for the blessing of the life within her.

I assume that Mary lovingly prayed for her mother, St. Anne, each time she wrapped the baby Jesus in the swaddling blanket that St. Anne so lovingly wove from finest fabric for her Grandson.

I assume that Mary grimaced as she scrubbed the dirt from Jesus' neck when he returned home, hot and sticky, from helping St. Joseph in the carpenter shop.

I assume that Mary worried about the friends that Jesus associated with and prayed that they would be faithful and well-behaved.

I assume that Mary cried the day that Jesus left to begin his mission in life, as the empty place within her heart which would one day contain the sword began to ache just a bit.

I assume that Mary would have rather died on that cross herself, than to stand helplessly beneath it.

Holy, sweet, beautiful Mother, on this glorious day of your Assumption into heaven, I ask you to remember all mothers who long to follow in your path of holiness. Ask your Son to fill our hearts with a gentle love like yours, a love that silently ponders the wonders and sorrows of our world, as we await our own glorious entrances into the eternal kingdom of heaven. Amen.


  1. I love this! I assume you're absolutely right!
    Especially about her wanting to be on the cross herself...
    She understood. Which means her love for all of us is great.

  2. Very fills my eyes with tears when I think of how much our Lady shared in the same duties, difficulties and joys that we experience as mothers.

  3. I think all your assumptions are right :)

    Happy feast day, Anne.

  4. Anne,
    These are beautiful assumptions and probably all true. The picture is beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing this post with us.
    God Bless!

  5. I've also frequently thought of how St. Anne felt about the incredible relationship she shared with her son all through pregnancy, birth, childhood, His ministry and execution.

    My favorite contemplation is the pure love of beauty, light and love that she got to carry within her womb!

    Thanks for such a beautiful post!

  6. Thank you, Anne, for your reflection. It is so beautiful.

  7. It's my mum's birthday today, too, so I better stop the blogging stuff and give her a call, huh? I love this post. As a convert, I had some "issues" and once Mary straightened me out, I was fine. Love Mary!!

  8. Hi Anne, it is nice to be here in your blog.
    May you have a blessed Sunday tomorrow. :)

  9. This is so beautiful...I will ponder it for some time...thank you Anne.

  10. I was just thinking what Judy said, that I'll have to ponder those beautiful words, you make Mary so real to so many who probably have never thought of her as a real mother, with real worries. (just like us)

    I answered your question in my comment box, I tried to anyway!

    God bless!

  11. This is so beautiful. I can't believe that I had never imagined Anne being around to enjoy her grandson! There is so much to think about just there - not to mention the human anxieties that Mary must have faced - she may have been without sin, but she certainly was not without worry and concern. Thanks for this great post!

  12. Hi Anne
    Thanks for this beautiful reflection. It really brings Mary alive. Since becoming a mother, I have been able to really empathise with some of Mary's feelings, but you put it so tenderly into words.
    My mum shares your name, by the way, and derives such happiness from her grandsons. Like Katie, I too, had not made the connection before. Thank you for your lovely blog.