Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Silence the Song

I heard the bird sing
so sweetly
outside my window.

His merry tune
woke me
each morning.

the silence
hangs heavy,
my own song.

On the lawn
a mass of feathers
tells the gruesome tale,
and one satisfied cat
hides in the bushes,
licking his whiskers.


  1. Anne, great poem! Was it your cat who did this dastardly deed?

  2. Anne,
    Love the poem. Bad kitty :) Thanks for all your comments this morning. Go ahead and forward the post to your vocations director. Your diocese sounds like a wonderful place to be~ I'm sure it will bear fruit in the area of vocations. Reading that article was so edifying I just had to share it.
    God Bless!

  3. ... but the memory of the bird's song remains ... :)

  4. Anne -

    I really like your poem. Last New Years day -
    I looked out my back door window onto the deck - a Red Tailed Hawk was sitting on the rail enjoying his dinner - a small red cardinal. There were red feathers all over the deck.

    But hey, it's nature....right? God's plan?