Monday, October 18, 2010

The Artist

She solemnly sits for the artist,
a bit embarrassed to be the center
of attention as she prefers to remain
silent, in the background.

He paints a picture with his words
weaving and flowing,
but the colors surrounding
his brush with beauty
fail to capture the essence
of the one who held The Word.

Yet he knows that for
generations to come
the woman will be honored
regardless of his talent or skill;
for her greatness cannot be contained
in the written word or in the work of art.

She will transcend all that man
can do to describe her,
for she can only be felt in the heart
that is open to her love,
in the spirit that is
longing for her companionship,
and in the child who is
in need of a Mother.

Thank you St. Luke for bringing our Mother's love into our hearts with your artistry of words, and thank you for journeying through this year with me as my own personal companion and patron saint!


  1. Thanks, Anne! This is beautiful!

  2. Incredible poem! Thank you. This comes at the perfect time as my spirit longs for her companionship and I prepare to renew my consecration to Our Mother.

  3. A beautiful poem to go with the beautiful artwork. I love the angel guiding Luke's painting. Thanks Anne.