Saturday, March 5, 2011


When you tapped my soul, Lord
and said "Now is the time"
a great broom swept through
my being emptying it of all the useless
clutter that resided there
and it left a void, a space that
couldn't endure being without.

So I busy myself with the
never-ending work of filling
my soul with You-
but how useless it is!

For years I devour
everything that comes in my path;
I read and think and pray and talk and listen;
I question and answer and wonder and reflect.

It's never enough,
never enough.

I want more of You, Lord
I want all of You!

Will I ever be satisfied?
Will I ever say "Now I can rest"?
How can I be satiated with the infinity
of the Eternal?

For me, it's impossible
but not for You, Lord.

Fill me, water me with Your Word,
feed me with Your Love.
Quench my thirst for You.
Please, just give me enough.


  1. This is a beautiful prayer. This is a beautiful plea.

  2. I feel those words could be by own...but you speak them so much better than I could : ) Have a blessed weekend!

  3. I always wonder if God ever gives us enough in this life time. And I guess my answer is yes, but it's always temporary (at least for me!). And then I yearn for more, and, then, of course, it's never "enough."