Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two and Twenty

On April 28th I will be celebrating two years since my fingers began dancing across the keyboard releasing my inner Jeremiah; my heart and soul on fire for Christ. I began with this post about my experience at St. Francis de Sales Seminary's Open House followed by time spent serving food at the St. Vincent de Paul meal program for the poor.

But this week also marks a far more important milestone--April 27th is the twentieth anniversary of the day that my entire being began its dance of heart and soul devoted to my spouse. This is the week of anniversaries, the week for celebration, the week to dance!

To mark this very special occasion, Fr. Dennis, the associate pastor at St. Matthias, will be blessing Paul and I discreetly after Mass as we don't care to be the center of attention, and then we will live as if we were in France-dinner at a quaint French Cafe followed by the French movie "Of Gods and Men" which I have been wanting to see for the longest time and am so grateful to be able to finally squeak it in during its final week in Milwaukee.

But I want to celebrate with you as well, my faithful readers, so, although I personally am a wall-flower who prefers to let others do the dancing while I sit and watch, I thought that the following repost would be a very fitting way to celebrate the occasion, as in my heart I am always dancing with God, my husband, and with you, my dear friends and followers!

Dancing Shoes

If I were to wear my dancing shoes,
would you dance with me?

Will your footsteps lead me
in the way I should go?

Will you hold my hand firmly
assuring me of your friendship?

Will you look into my eyes
instilling a sense of confidence into my soul?

Will you place your hand gently upon my back
to strengthen me when I’m feeling weak?

Will you let me spin when the tempo quickens
and I’m feeling joyful?

And when the music ends,
will you slowly release me
as I continue the dance in my heart,
while stepping into the dance of eternity?

If I were to wear my dancing shoes,
would you dance with me?


  1. Happy Anniversary, Anne! May the Lord bless you and Paul and may you enjoy your special day!
    Happy Blog Anniversary, too :)

  2. Happy anniversaries Anne. I will add my petition of God's blessing on you and Paul to Mary's.

  3. Congratulations, Anne! Anniversaries are wonderful reminders of God's bountiful gifts in our lives. My joy is yours!

  4. Happy Anniversaries Anne! Prayers for you and may God bless you both!