Monday, May 14, 2012

The Inside Scoop on God-A Very Special Book Review

When I was still in high school and would struggle to come up with ideas for creative writing assignments, I would always turn to my sister Debby for ideas, and she never failed to offer me a plethora of unique characters and situations to enliven my stories.  Our entire family has long encouraged her to work on a book because we knew that she had some serious talent.  Well now, our wait is finally over!  I am so proud to share this review of Debby's first published book about her experiences of God.

The Inside Scoop on God, is written from the perspective of a Christian who has long sought God on her own terms, not settling for the confines of any one particular religion.  I love the description she offers on her website,, which states,  "An ordinary housewife spent several years stalking God like the paparazzi."  To my great delight, Debby's search for God has culminated in not only a deep and abiding faith in my sister's soul, but also a terrific book that will inspire and challenge you to spend some time stalking God for yourself!

The Inside Scoop on God is set up as a daily devotional with humorous family stories intertwined with scripture that reveal God's presence in the world around us.  Although I've obviously known Debby all of my life, I found myself pleasantly surprised by many of her experiences that I had never known about, and deeply touched by some that were very personal to my own life.  Debby writes with a light-hearted and joyful spirit while teaching important lessons about the Christian life.  It is clear that God reveals Himself to Debby with a playful and loving touch and she revels in His love and then reaches out to generously share it with others.

From the very first chapter where Debby connects her camping experiences to that of the Hebrews in the  Exodus story, she invites you to join her on her journey of faith.

"So let's do this campout the right way, with the Lord of the star-studded sky and smoky mountain sitting right beside us.  Each day as you're settling in to read one of these stories, invite God to sit around the campfire with you.  You can light a candle and stick a marshmallow over it if you like."

You will want to follow her on the trail she travels and bring God ever more deeply into your heart and soul.  And when you've nearly reached the end of your investigation into The Inside Scoop on God, you will find that, like Debby, you want to keep God sitting right by your side at all times, a prospect she sums up so well with a quote by Brother Lawrence who said, "There is not in the world a kind of life more sweet and delightful than that of a continual conversation with God."

I am so incredibly proud of Debby and so overwhelmingly happy to have a sister with such tremendous talent whose only desire is to use it to glorify God.  I love The Inside Scoop on God and you will, too!

Go ahead and visit Debby's website,, and watch for the availability of The Inside Scoop on God.  You will want to scoop up your own copy without delay and once you are holding it in your hands, you will devour every wonderful word from the beginning until the very end!

(Available in bookstores and on soon!  Visit Debby's website for details.)


  1. Thanks for the book review, Anne. You really have a special family.

    I think you should write one too. I know it would be time consuming but I really hope you do someday.

    I'll pop over to your sister's site! God bless!

    1. Thanks Mary! You are always so sweet and kind! About writing a book, I'd like to see you publish your poetry! That would be a most valuable book sure to inspire a deep love for the Lord!

  2. Many congratulations to your sister. I wish her great success.

    I'd welcome your views, and so would other readers, on recent posts on my Blog.

    God bless.

  3. Anne,
    I visited Deborah's web site. It's so funny! She definitely has a gift. She is on track to be the next Erma Bombeck. Please consider publishing some of your spiritual writings in a book, too.
    Her insights are right on track, and I look forward to reading the book.

  4. See, it's not just me who thinks you should write a book :) Gail does too. I bet others have suggested it too. Something to think about anyway.

    Thanks for your kind comment, Anne! God bless!