Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Amazing Writing

There are some seriously beautiful and holy young people in our midst and our Catholic faith is so enriched by them.  I would like to introduce you to two of them who share their faith via blogs.   Please meet Meg who blogs at "Held By His Pierced Hands" and my son John who blogs at "Writings of a Boy Discerning God's Call."

I just discovered Meg's blog this past week and wow!  This young woman has completely floored me with her wisdom and her love of God.  These four posts in particular have left me in amazement and wanting more of her writing, wanting more of Him to whom her writing leads.  I am sure that you will feel the same way.  Please check out these links and then make regular visits to her blog for more wonderment and bliss and inspiration.

Why I Go To Mass Everyday

With Gratitude To All Priests

Your Screaming Kids Are Distracting Me

You Are a Princess  (A post at Suscipio Blog)

My son John has been writing a blog for the past three years, usually only posting once a month.  As his mother, it's natural that I would hang onto his every word and think that everything he writes is wonderful.  But, his two most recent posts, both short, but oh-so-sweet, have particularly touched my heart more than anything else that he has written.  Maybe they will touch yours as well.

Family Instills and Promotes Faith In Us

Summer Continues to Teach the Importance of Hard Work

Please hold both Meg and John in your prayers as they continue to discern God's call in their lives and happy reading!


  1. My goodness, Anne...Meg is awesome! I will add her blog to my blogroll. Did you read her post on Mary as Ark of the Covenant? And, I already follow your sweet son's blog...and thank God for him.

    These amazing young people give me so much hope! It's not all that rare to find young women discerning consecrated virginity...something I never even heard of in all my years of Catholic schooling. Where sin abounds, there more grace abounds....

    Thanks, Anne! :)

    1. Thanks for the tip about Mary as the Ark of the Covenant post, Patricia! I wish I had read that before I gave my talk about the Blessed Mother at my parish last March!

  2. I love Meg's writing too - thanks for sharing links!

  3. Hi Anne,
    I've been on your son's blog but haven't seen Meg's blog yet. We are blessed to have young people like these two upholding the truths of our Faith. It gives me great hope when I hear about young people like them - maybe their generation will be the one that sets aright so much that has gone wrong in the world. May God bless them both and all our youth who strive to serve the Lord so faithfully. Thanks for the post and links!

    You should be proud :) I would be if my daughter was discerning a call to the religious life! Prayers for both of them!