Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let It Be A Challenge To You

When I was in high school I was pretty fond of my guidance counselor.  I would often go and talk to her about little daily events, knowing that she was a good listener and sensing that she cared about me.  At one point I must have complained to her about something that I resisted because I found it to be difficult.  All she said was, "Let it be a challenge to you."  To this day I cannot remember what it was that I complained about but I do remember that those few words of hers were mighty powerful; so powerful in fact, that they have remained with me to this day and whenever I struggle with difficult tasks I echo her words to myself:  "Let it be a challenge to you."  

In many ways I feel that the Catholic Church speaks those same words to each of us today.   The Church holds up truths of the faith, truths that are often difficult to accept such as the fact that birth control and abortion are intrinsically evil, that marriage is the union of one man with one woman, that the Blessed Mother was conceived without original sin, that the Body and Blood of Jesus become His real presence at each and every Mass, that celibacy is a holy vehicle for increasing a loving relationship between God and His priests, that all life is sacred and loved by God, and that we can offer our trials and tribulations of daily life to God for the good of others.  There are times when we want to cry out like the disciples and say "This is a hard teaching!  Who can accept it?"  (John 6:60)

But the Church says, "You can!"  Continue reading at

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