Sunday, July 5, 2009

Church of the Gesu

At the end of a long day, filled with babies and children crying, mothers scolding, and computers frequently freezing, I drag my tired, hungry body up the parking structure steps to the 6th floor roof where my car is parked. As I step out onto the roof, the first things I see are the towering steeples of Gesu church with the cross of Christ on top of each.

They stand out against the bright blue sky with the sun descending in the west. I am prompted by this sight to whisper a prayer of gratitude for this visual reminder that God is always looking out for me. He is always with me to lift my spirit up with his love when my body feels so low.

And with this beautiful scene imbedded in my heart, I am ready to begin the long drive home to my wonderful family.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, beautiful Annie! I always got the same inspiration from the steeples of St. Mary's (the name changed, can't remember what it's called now). I would watch the sun beam, almost right through them. God is beautiful in our city!