Monday, July 6, 2009

Pondering Pages"To Whom Shall We Go?"

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I am a huge, huge fan of Archbishop Dolan-you Catholics in New York are extremely blessed to have him!

Last week I read his book "To Whom Shall We Go?" It was a series of reflections on the words of St. Peter. Of course, I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it! It was written in Archbishop's usual, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand manner, and was full of great suggestions to advance in the spiritual life. Here are my favorite quotes:

I'm working on a story about Adoration for my parish newsletter, so this quote really stood out to me:
"Silence is attractive in the eyes of God."

I must be getting old, too!
"You know you're getting old when you start to like the Psalms. Well, I must be getting there, because the Psalms are starting to make more and more sense to me-especially those where the Psalmist is feeling beat up, or is 'letting off steam' with the Lord."

Any talk about marriage touches me personally in my vocation. I found this one to be especially profound:
"My first pastor in St. Louis-whenever he would have the marriage of a young couple, he would present them with a crucifix...If your married love is to be pure, faithful and fruitful,it will have to have a share in the cross. The struggle and the suffering of the cross will be a part of your marriage. And when the cross comes-when those setbacks, those frustrations, those arguments and those tensions come-don't you ask what is wrong with your marriage. You thank God that there's something right with your marriage, because your marriage is sharing in the cross."

And, on allowing Jesus to wash your feet he says:
"I find myself distracted. I find myself itching to do something. It's almost as if I am saying to the Lord 'Oh, you're not going to wash my feet...Well then, Lord, wash not only my feet but my head and my hands as well.' If I take this a step further, it gets interesting:
"Lord, wash my head. It's filled with distractions. It's filled with anxiety. Wash my eyes, I don't like what I see. Wash my mouth. I eat too much. Wash my throat. I don't speak well all the time. Wash my heart. Its filled with love that shouldn't be there. Wash my belly. I make it a god. Lord, go ahead. Wash, wash every section of my body. Let me just bask in your love."

Awesome book! Awesome quotes! Awesome Archbishop! Enjoy!

(I know I've shared this picture a couple times already, but don't you just love it? I imagine God will be holding us just like this if we ever reach heaven! I finally printed this picture and framed it. It's on my desk at work. My co-workers all roll their eyes and laugh at me because I am so obsessed with Archbishop Dolan and how wonderful he is. I laugh right along with them. But don't you just love this picture?)


  1. Anne - Since I've only been following your blog for a short time I did not know about Archbishop Dolan. Thank you for sharing those beautiful quotes and for introducing him to me.

  2. Love that picture--and now I have another great author to discover! I also like the image of the married couple sharing the crucifix together--that is absolutely true. So many marriages seem to only focus on the poshness and expense of the ceremony and almost no thought or meditation on the sacred union of two into one--and the necessary carrying of that cross that entails.

    Now I'm off to find out about this Archbishop Dolan!