Saturday, July 18, 2009

Favorite Quotes/From the Blogs

This was written by a young man, Shaun, from Catholic with Attitude. I think it is amazingly beautiful. I am especially fond of his quote from Jeremiah since it precedes the title to my blog. So with his permission, here it is. Visit his blog for more inspiration.

"The Word has spoken, and I can never be the same again. He has whispered into the ears of my soul and has seized my being.

He asks for my eyes, so that I may see Him in everything. He has come so close to my eyes that I can no longer deny Him.

He asks for my mouth, to expel all evil talk and to allow grace to ooze from my tongue.

The Word stands one breath away from nothing; instead the Word has been given and now I have everything.

He has outraged my ego and has trampled my own selfishness. He has penetrated my heart and let loose His rampant love. My own heart is overwhelmed and cannot contain it. It spills over and flows into the crevices of others brokenness.

Creation is called into being by a Word; He said 'Be', and now, 'I am'.

Ignorance tells me He has abandoned me. Faith tells me He has enveloped Himself round me so tightly that I don't know where I am being led.

He has uttered my name and my knees are weak. 'Die', He says, 'So that I may give you life'.

Into silence I have ascended, by His grace there I shall remain.

'You have seduced me, O Lord, and I was seduced' (Jeremiah 20: 7)"


  1. Anne,
    Thanks for this quote; Jeremiah is one of my favorite books in the Bible. God seems to speak quite loudly at times through him.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

  2. I have read that phrase before as - You duped me, Lord. I love that and I have used it in my own witness talks. Sometimes it feels like God "tricks" us into doing things! But I am glad God duped me! :)