Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You're invited! check out this blog

I really can't believe that my 15 year old son writes a blog! I am amazed and humbled and in awe of every post he puts out there! Take a look and be ready to be surprised and inspired by the faith of a child! It's an upper-that's all I can say! Writings of a boy discerning God's call-find it in my blogroll!


  1. Wow, I hope my children will do the same one day!

  2. I just found your blog through Carmelitemom...thank you for sharing and I will definitely check out your son's blog.

    OCDS (tried to post a comment earlier so please forgive if this is a repeat.)

  3. Hi Annie... you must be such a "proud mama"!! I hopped on over to your son's blog and read a post or two...and it seems to me that he has the makings of fine writer... just like you! To be so young and to have such high aspirations for the priesthood is just so amazing in it of itself. Most kids in the world today are busy pursuing things of a temporary nature, and not looking to the things unseen in the eternal. It is refreshing to see the younger generation, like your son, pursuing a deeper relationship with God! Definitely a young man after God's heart! ♥x♥x

  4. Anne...I am so blown away by the writings of your son! I can see who he takes after : )
    He would put some of our seminarians to shame!