Saturday, July 25, 2009


Sometimes I just have to write a love letter to my daughter...


My beautiful daughter Mary
wraps her arms tightly
around my neck, and I
breathe in deeply.
My senses are overcome
with her sweet smell.
She smells like dainty flowers
in the summer sunshine,
growing amid the fresh, green grass.
Mary is delicious!
My nose tickles her neck
and she giggles.
Mary’s laughter is
delicious, too!
Mary is the joy of God.

And sometimes, she writes one back...

Being with mommy

I like my mom because she is not like other girls. She is sweet nice and kind. When I look for her I do not know where she is then I go in her room there she is. If she is praying or just doing some stuff I sit on her bed and I join her with whatever she’s doing. I like my mom’s room because it feels so safe. To be in my mom’s room you have to have a secret pass word the secret password is love. My mom and I know the password but no one else does. It feels like my mom’s room is a magical world. I was looking for the love I found it in my mom’s heart. I LOVE MY MOM!!!!


  1. What a great relationship you have with your daughter!

  2. How adorable! I love the old is your daughter?

  3. HOW WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing YOUR LOVE with us!!!
    YOU ARE SOOOOO I see where God got the BLUE for our skies!!! IN YOUR EYES ANNE!!!!

  4. Awwww! Mystically we are all connected so now that I know the password.... *love*. I am joining in next. Bella!

  5. I found your blog about 2 months ago. I have learned alot and you have inspired me. God bless you and your family.

  6. It may be the year of the priest, but you just got the 'year of the mom' in my book!

  7. Very precious! What a special relationship you have with your daughter!

  8. wow! Thank you all for these very lovely and kind comments! Can you tell that I'm blushing?

  9. Annie!! You look so beautiful! Different from what I remember you in high school, but the same! Weird huh? You've aged (matured) so gracefully! And your daughter is so pretty!! You are blessed my dear friend! My daughter and I have a special relationship also! ♥x♥x

  10. How beautiful: reflections of love betwixt a mum and daughter . . . it is so lovely! A mum should be a safe place - I'm so pleased for you both that you love each other so much!

  11. She is adorable!! What a beautiful poem and so true of all our sweet children, huh?

  12. Hey! How come I don't get letters like that! Just kidding! Your daughter is beautiful, on the inside and on the outside. What a blessing!