Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Festival of Fireflies

Just before sunset, the field came alive with thousands of flickering lights.
The field was covered with them!
They shone and flickered so brightly that
I could see without artificial light
It was like a party,
A festival of fireflies!
What a delightful sight to
Enliven me in my weariness!
I felt in my heart
That each firefly represented a saint in heaven
That had come to earth to witness
To the glowing light of Christ!
Shine on, festival of saintly fireflies!


  1. I love this Anne! Fireflies are one of the few things I enjoy about the summer.

  2. My daughter and I were just talking about fire flies and the fact that she has never seen one. I don't recall seeing a fire fly in the last 20+ years I have lived in Florida. It must be too hot for them. I sure miss seeing them and recount stories of trying to catch them in a glass jar! ♥x♥x

    Our summer is marked by the beginning of "love bug" season! They're not pretty, very annoying.