Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Air

the air is warm
full of Spring
and the sky is blue
full of sunshine
and my heart is light
full of joy

and my hands pin clothes on the line
and trim ends of vine in the hope of new growth

and God is here
my God
who fills the Spring air with His
warm breath
and draws the fragrance of freshness
across my face
and encourages the birds to sing
and slows my day down
to the rhythm of my prayers
that beat within my heart
as I silently, slowly work

relishing the chores of yesterdays
at home
at peace in the yard
at peace with the life with which He has blessed me
this beautiful, glorious, new life of Spring


  1. The picture of the soft pink flowering branch invites the reader to enjoy the beautiful poem of praise and gratitude that follow it.

    Absolutely wonderful Anne.

  2. I agree with Daily Grace - wonderful!
    Thank God it looks like Spring is popping its head round the corner here in Italy too :)

  3. This is the peace that only God can give to His beloved souls--how beautiful it is, Anne! Thank you for sharing this joy.

  4. I love how you see God everywhere Anne! He really is. Thank you for pointing Him out during these too-busy days!

  5. Anne,
    Great spring poem! I think I need to pay attention more when I go outside :)

    I am still cracking up about the comment you left on my blog. I laughed so hard! You are priceless!

  6. Lovely poem, Anne. Hooray for 'good drying days' and being able to put washing outside!

  7. Another wonderful poem.

    You'll have to teach me to trim the ends of vine. I just can't get it right. All I get the following year is new growth and plenty of leaves. No fruit.

    God bless.