Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sweet Berries

The kids and I went on our annual strawberry picking outing yesterday, so with a belly full of strawberry sundae, I offer this re-post from last June.

With warm, early morning sunshine
beating on our backs and
sweet, strawberry fragrance
filling the air,
we kneel in the straw,
plucking the large, juicy fruit from the plants.

With each berry placed in our basket
we offer a prayer of gratitude
to our most loving God
who has blessed us with the gift of this day and
the gift of these fruits, rich in vitamins,
rich in flavor, and rich in sweet aroma.

I recall past outings for berries
when I was younger.
I was lazy, then, about picking,
but eager about eating!
I recall the joy I had in kneeling
side by side with my father,
who could always pick faster than anybody!

Today, I look at my children,
strawberry juice dripping from the corners
of their mouths,
and I marvel at how fast the years have flown.
Wasn't it just yesterday that I was
carrying babies in the sling
out to the fields?

I discover the truth of Psalm 147-
"Swiftly runs His word."
I see it in the living Word of my children
and I know that it will seem like tomorrow
when my own babies will be bringing
their children out to the strawberry fields
for the sweet flavor of red summer delights.

I thank you God,
for our family outing,
for pastoral farm settings,
for blue skies with puffed clouds hanging there
as if in a perfect portrait,
for warm summer weather and
for strawberries, sweet and delicious!


  1. How wonderful to share this with your family. You really do so much even with working and I am edified by your example.

  2. aaahhh... I have memories of picking strawberries in Michicot (sp?) one summer... so much fun. I also remember cherry picking in Door county! Good memories!

  3. Real nice reflection. Been there with my own kids...

  4. Ah ... the memories ... the memories.

    I remember strawberry picking when we were young.

    Thank you for this post Anne. God bless.

  5. Thanks for this post. There is such joy in accepting the gifts of the earth. My fondest memories of my father include the garden, both planting and harvesting.