Sunday, June 27, 2010


It's been a long time. My son John, who so enthusiastically began a blog one year ago, had stopped posting last March. Life is busy for a teen. But this week he has put something up about his recent trip to the Seminary Summer Camp, and it is very impressive. I encourage you to check it out! The annual camp outing for middle school and high school boys never fails to light a fire in John's heart, and that makes me very happy. Feel free to visit his blog, Writings of a boy discerning God's call, to read his latest posting, as well as the website in which he takes part, A Vocation to be a Priest. And please, keep all of the young boys and men who are considering vocations to the priesthood in your prayers!


  1. You are truly blessed! I hope and pray every day that at least one of my 4 boys will have a vocation to the priesthood. And, it's totally OK if one of my 2 girls has a vocation to the religious life, as well!

    One question: was this something that your son showed signs of (talked about, etc) even as a young child, or did it suddenly "occur" to him one day? The reason I ask is that my 2nd oldest (now 12) has talked about possibly having a vocation since he was 9, but very casually. Recently, I discovered that my 7 year old son told his teacher that he planned on becoming a priest when he "grew up". I almost feel like I am holding my breath!

    I will pray for your son, and all boys/men who are discerning their vocations, for sure!

  2. I will not only visit your son's blog, but I will join you in prayer for vocations. God Bless you.

  3. I will check it out. I think you are one superb mother!

  4. This weekend my parish bulletin had a brief article on this new website. You may find it of interest:

    Relative to you boys, I am glad for them, and I am also glad that it makes you happy.

  5. Thanks for all of the sweet comments!

    Mary Kate, in response to your question: John started talking about the priesthood when he was in the fourth or fifth grade, and has been pretty consistent about his interest in that regard ever since, yet he always says that he is keeping his options open, he's not 100% sure. My son Jack, who is 11, began talking about the priesthood last year, he sent emails to our pastor, the rector at our Seminary and the school principal about it. It's so interesting to watch and see what they might become. If you wanted to learn more about call stories, A Vocation to be a Priest has some great stories posted, including John's.

  6. Anne, it is a blessing that you and John are online again. I know how much time it takes, but it does a huge amount of good.
    I thought John's Seminary Summer Camp reflection showed incredible joy and solid maturity. It will be a tremendous help for our worldwide readership who want to know what we teens think about becoming priests, celibacy, prayer etc.
    If our very humble site had one major gift and blessing this year, it would be gentle John!