Friday, April 2, 2010

At His Feet

The fragrant oil was poured
upon His feet so sore and tired,
and she knelt down and washed them
with tears of salt and sorrow,
and dried them, oh so tenderly
with her undone tresses for a towel.

He in turn passed on the gift
of service to His friends.
He washed the dust and dirt
from weary, aching feet
before the dinner.

Such gentle gifts of love and service
for the body's lowest part;
why, oh why couldn't
the tenderness last, why must it turn
to pain unimaginable?

The burly solder took the spike and
drove it through his feet.
Ring of hammer could not mask
the screams of pain
this tortuous act had caused.
Blood and tissue, pain untold,
no washing could assuage.

And there they stood,
the ones He loved,
just below those precious feet
that once had been
anointed so fragrantly.
Helplessly they watched the blood
pulse out from the holes in His extremities.

Oh Jesus Christ my Savior,
how I long to ease your pain!
My own tears of distress
I will use to wash away the stain
of blood and hurt inflicted
upon Your feet so bruised and broken,
until the pain exists no more
with only love remaining.


  1. Oh, how beautiful this is, Anne! I just left our chapel after adoring Our Lord until midnight when the priest, surrounded by altar boys, took Him away. Everything feels so lonely, and I have nothing to give Him tonight but my nothingness: so it is His.

  2. Beautiful Anne. God be with you this dayand always.

  3. Oh Anne! Beautiful, just beautiful! My eyes welled up as I read this. No wonder the hammer echoes in your ears, too. The Holy Spirit seems to draw our meditations in similar ways, even the picture hit home with me. Thank you for this. God bless you and may our Lord continue to inspire your heart so much. Do you remember what I said about living in His Heart and people making up different parts of the Body of Christ? Can you see why I say this now? What a great gift we have been given, my friend! It is pure grace from a loving Father that bestows such a gift, though it comes with quite a bit of suffering. Joy pierces the clouds of suffering too, though. Could you write with such beauty without this gift? I don't think so :)

  4. Have you ever smelled nard? where can i get some.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.