Sunday, April 25, 2010

Check Mate!

My son Jack has joined the Chess Club at school and the family is helping him succeed with nightly games of chess. I love chess! It takes thought, strategy and skill. It is a slow game, there is no rushing through it. It reminds me of life. We might want to race to the end, to get to a glorious finish in the arms of God. But that is not how life if meant to be. We are meant to take our time. We are meant to think through our actions and movements, to assure that each step we take is for the glory of God. And throughout each day of our lives, God is forever watching us, protecting us, trying to keep us from getting checked in sin. But we are free to move however we want, to do whatever we want. Yet, all the while, God is in control. He will always win, no matter how we move. At the end of the game, His love will possess our hearts, his arms will hold us close and He will possess our souls in a check make of love.

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  1. Great thoughts, Anne! Also, the Lord has different pieces in place for different purposes. If a rook tried to move as a knight does, it might disrupt the whole strategy. Better to be yourself :)