Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Heroes! Ordination 2010

This short yet powerful video highlights the very best of the 2010 ordinations to the priesthood for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. You will be moved! Keep an eye out for my heroes, my spiritual director and friend, Fr. Don Hying, Deacon Christopher Klusman (incensing Archbishop Listecki), you can read more about his fabulous and fascinating story here, Fr. Matthew Widder, the youngest of the ordained priests and sponsor for my son John's confirmation this year-(his picture is the last one at the end of the video,) Fr. Carl Last, the priest that married Paul and I and he also baptized our first three sons, (kissing the altar towards the end of the video-he is by himself,) Bishop William Callahan who is deeply missed in Milwaukee as he has journeyed on to Bishop of La Crosse, WI, and finally, if you look very closely around 26 seconds into the video, towards the back on the right hand side, you will see my son, John, and his friend, Jerry praying in the seminary chapel.

2010 Ordinations-click here to view

Please keep all of these newly ordained priests in your prayers as well as the thirty-six men who are currently enrolled in St. Francis de Sales Seminary this year, and those who are discerning a call to the priesthood, because after all, every man who hears and answers the call to the priesthood is a hero to many, sacrificing his life for the good of God's people everywhere.


  1. Thanks for posting this Anne, it is simply beautiful and inspiring. It confirmed me 100% that if God is calling me to be his priest, then there is nothing else I want to do in life. I will add my prayers for all the ordained and maybe your many visitors could pray for those young men and teens who are pre-seminary and for whom the priesthood is such a magnificent invitation from Jesus.
    Please pray that we may be loyal and steadfast.

  2. Praying for all priests ... and those preparing for the priesthood.

    God bless you Anne and your family too.

  3. We will be praying! Thank you for giving us the opportunity....
    Can't wait to watch the video!!