Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sometimes I Cry

He's very emotional
and given to bouts of tears;
when they begin to fall
his ability to express
his sorrow in words disappears.
All he can say is
"Sometimes I cry for no reason."

He needs to be held and loved
and to know that he is not alone.
With my arms around him
his weeping turns to sobs;
I hold his heaving body close,
absorbing his hurt through my skin
and into my heart.

He needs something,
some One to cling to
when his heart is aching
and he feels lost and scared.

I turn to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
and implore Him to make room
for this little child
who hurts so much.

I know His Heart will
take him in
for I have entered
into His love myself
in my own neediness and worry;
my longing for assurance
that I'm alright, that I will survive.

The beauty he will find there
is the warmth and peace
that is only found in
His Most Sacred Heart
open, bleeding, vulnerable;
so blessedly vulnerable.

And the thorns that circle His Heart
do not poke and jab;
they have burned away
in the fire of His love.

And the insecurity
that reduces him to tears
no longer wracks his fragile body;
it, too, burns away in the fire of His love.


  1. We've all had our bouts of tears at one time or another. It's so comforting to know He cares.

    God bless.

  2. Beautiful, Anne. It reminds me of The Gift of Tears. N

  3. I feel you, I feel you. Prayers and peace and hugs and love. I know what he is going through. You can be Christ's arms and hands for Him. Just know he is blessed to have you in his life.

    Have you heard of the song "Letter to me" by Brad Paisley? It's sort of about a girlfriend break-up, but it's a letter from grown-up Brad to his teenage self and it always makes me cry when I hear it. One of the lyrics is, "You got so much going for you, going right, but I know at seventeen it's hard to see past Friday night." "Friday night" to me is a metaphor for all those cuts and bruises that wound us in our younger years. Anyway, it's a sweet song and nice to listen to when you need a little boost.

  4. Anne, Your poetry is so incredible. You have been blessed with such a beautiful gift.

    I pray that the Sacred Heart of Jesus would comfort all those that suffer from depression this day.


  5. Very nice. Very very nice. k

  6. You have a way with words, Anne! This was beautiful!

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