Monday, February 14, 2011

A Lovely Quixotic Gesture

"God created the beauties of this world as signs of His love, He gives you stars as a lover gives his beloved gems, He throws flowers down under your feet as a lovely quixotic gesture of His divine folly and extravagance of love, He makes them look and feel and smell lovely, so that through every sense you have got He will press His suit on you. Not to rejoice in such advances of heavenly love is black ingratitude; every petal that opens on a rose in your garden should be for you a fling of the heart to God."~Caryll Houselander

I wanted to go deeper...and He is giving me many opportunities to do just that, so many in fact, that I have already lost count and have resorted to listing without number...this week I am flinging my heart and praising God for...

~children falling ill like dominoes, requiring my patient care as I brush their fevered brows and whisper words that soothe, and the joy of watching them recover to full, robust health.

~patience with self when continually corrected by boss who had been silent for so long. Did I need her attention? Maybe so, for I'm learning to improve my efforts and to quiet my pride.

~a coworker who silently observes me over the years, bravely takes my hand and keenly notes that my disposition has changed from raging denial to quiet acceptance of my life. I hadn't known that the change in me was so obvious and was warmed by her willingness to share that with me.

~a warm, sunny Saturday morning drive to work and a quick stop at the car-wash, removing winter grime from the car (with a prayer that He'll remove the grime from my heart just as easily!)

~Saturday night pizza with the works!

~the monthly Holy Hour for vocations in our beautiful Seminary chapel, voices joined in prayer for a common cause.

~oldest son who calls after leaving the house to warn me that the walks are icy, knowing that I will be out the door shortly.

~the profoundly poetic words of Caryll Houselander.

~sons who teach me how to download music on the computer.

~younger friends who look up to me (me-can you imagine?) as a role-model for parenting advice.

~husband's strong yet gentle hands loosening the knots in my neck and shoulders.

~hearing words of thanks from a neighbor for a simple note and jar of jelly that was given during a time of need and learning that such a small gesture brought much needed joy during a time of grief.

~petting our guinea pig, Daisy, and being rewarded with purrs of appreciation.

~early morning solitude and silence while the family sleeps.

~teenage son who wears dress shirt and tie to Sunday Mass even though we wouldn't have required such formal dress

~knowing that on St. Valentine's Day and every day, I am loved beyond measure by the Lord.


  1. I am most impressed by the teenage son. Good work, mama.

  2. St. Valentine love and blessings to you and your family!

  3. I came over from Ann’s today. I know it’s two days after the fact. But there are so many grateful lists to read – all of them so good. And yours is too. It was a blessing.

    First – Bonus points for the word Quixotic!!!

    My favorite from your thankful list is this one: ~knowing that on St. Valentine's Day and every day, I am loved beyond measure by the Lord. (because that’s the love that’s forever and perfect and all enveloping and bonus points again for saying SAINT Valentine – we seem to have dropped that. No?)

    God Bless and Keep you and your family