Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blue Rosary Joy

Kneeling in silent prayer in my favorite pew in the back of church, eyes closed, I related my joy to God about how good it feels to be able to show my love for Him in so many little ways, ways that others might not ever notice, but ways in which I felt honored to be used by Him just the same. My prayer was distracted by a gentle thump in the pew in front of me. Opening my eyes, I saw a brown box and heard the voice of my friend, JD, saying, "Here's the first 100. I'll have 300-400 more for you by July. I don't want any thank you's. I just want you to distribute these." Inside the box were the most beautiful blue marbled glass bead rosaries I have ever seen, each with a miraculous medal centerpiece and an exquisite crucifix.

It's funny how God just carries us along in our day-to-day activities leading us to people and places without our knowing the reasons why, but God always knows and He always uses our words and actions for good. Two years ago I noticed an advertisement in our parish bulletin about someone who was looking for help making rosaries for the missions through an organization called Our Lady's Rosary Makers. I called the number in the ad thinking that maybe my sisters and I could make rosaries while we visited during our monthly rosary get-together.

JD answered the phone and he and I talked for over an hour. It turned out that my sisters and I weren't able to help with making the wire and bead rosaries, but during the course of our conversation, I asked JD if he attends daily Mass and he said that he hadn't been, but maybe now he would start. Sure enough, the next day, I had the opportunity to meet him face to face, and he has been faithfully attending daily Mass ever since. I'm sure that our Lord has been very pleased with his steady and true attendance at the highest form of prayer each day.

Last January when I became involved with Roses for Our Lady, I learned that our organization was in need of 300 blue rosaries to distribute during our rosary procession at Festa Italiana this July 17th. I asked JD if he could make rosaries for Roses for Our Lady as well as for the missions. It was hard to read his face. I thought that maybe I had pushed him over the edge and had asked for too much. He simply said that he would see what he could do. The very next day he gave me ten sample rosaries and the promise of 300 all made by his sister, brother and himself.

How wonderful it is that through a little phone call made several years ago, God has brought me this gift of a wonderful friend who is generous in his devotion to the Blessed Mother and to the Lord. And it seems to me that through my prayer of gratitude, God blessed me abundantly by showering me with rosaries that others can use to show their gratitude through prayer as well. The joyful blessings continue to flow and all it takes is a little loving openness to the will of God. What wonders He can accomplish through us when we simply live our lives in the light of His love each day!


  1. A beautiful testimony and a beautiful rosary!

  2. What a wonderful friend - that's a lot of Rosaries! And they are beautiful too! Isn't it awesome how God works out the details when we are doing His Will?!

    Thanks for the book and sea glass! I will be sending you my address within the next couple days :) God bless!

  3. Beautiful post. Beautiful rosaries. Beautiful lesson.

    God Bless.