Thursday, January 7, 2010

Frozen Lake

lake frozen over by ice
steam rising in a mist
like the breath of God
wanting to melt the cold
longing to soften the hard

how often my heart resembles
that frozen lake
solid, unmoving, cold
failing to reach out to others

breath Your steamy mist
into my heart, Oh God
make it tender, supple, and warm
so love can grow
and blossom within


  1. Beautiful picture and even more beautiful poem. This is so true, without God our hearts become cold and hard. God's breath brings springtime to our hearts. Your poems paint lovely pictures in my mind:)

  2. As Mary said, both picture and poem are beautiful. (am not blogging this week, but meandered over here, knowing I could find some quieting thoughts.)

  3. My heart so often resembles the frozen lake, I need to Son to shine on me too! This is beautiful.

  4. Very moving. I've been feeling like that too lately.

  5. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.