Thursday, January 21, 2010

Letter to a Lost Life

Dear nameless baby lost to the world,
lost in such a tragic and degrading way,
I mourn your life that never was its own.

Isaiah asks if a mother can forget her children
the dreadful answer is yes she can, sometimes.

You were a child deserving only love and care,
deserving constant prayer.

Be comforted, sweet baby,
in the arms of God and His angels
who hold you and love you in heaven.

It is only in that safe and perfect place
that you can have what was denied you
on this cold, cruel earth.

Little soul whose purpose
on earth was denied,
I know that the joy of heavenly life
will be yours for all eternity.

Rest in peace then, sweet little one,
and remember in your prayers
all those who cannot accept
the beauty and dignity
of the lives that God has created.


  1. Anne,
    I am so glad you published this. Thank you for this beautiful poem. How appropriate for this day.
    God bless!

  2. Beautiful. Prayers for the baby's mother, too.

  3. Beautiful ... and sad. Thank you for posting this. My daughter's school prayed an extra Rosary yesterday for the babies in danger of abortion. And on the way home she asked me why "they" would do that. It was hard to answer, because I don't really think of "why" a mom would do that, nor could I think of "good reasons" why a mom would do that. (At least reasons I could explain to my young daughter.) I tried, and then I just told her that I didn't understand it either, and it was very sad ... How do you explain such a horrible thing to a seven year old? I certainly didn't know about abortion when I was seven. Prayers for the babies ... prayers for the moms, too. Perhaps my daughter's and her schoolmates' prayers saved a baby yesterday ... Perhaps all of our prayers saved more than one yesterday. We can hope!