Saturday, January 30, 2010

Praise for the Sunrise

In this bitter cold winter weather,
I can always count on one thing...
the sun will rise.
It doesn't matter if my teeth chatter and my body shivers,
it doesn't matter if I awaken to a dark morning
and my feet hit the icy floor
instantly jolting me into a state of alertness.
What matters is that by the time I am sitting
behind the steering wheel of the van
driving my children to school,
our breath revealed before us in puffs of white,
and as we pull our hats a little more tightly over our ears,
God sends the bright, clear blue sky to cheer us,
and to the east
we see the sun rising in all of its splendor,
creating lines of glorious color-
pink, purple, yellow and blue-
on the horizon.
For ten breathtaking minutes as we fight
the early morning traffic,
our eyes are treated to a feast from our God
who loves us and wants to show His love
through His art in the sky.
And we adore Him and His gift of the sunrise
and we praise Him for loving us so much!

Thanks to Jennifer at My Chocolate Heart for this weekly Praise MEME.


  1. Anne...isn't that the best thing to wake up to? I drive my daughter to the bus stop every morning at 7 am and the sun is just peeking out and it is glorious. It reminds me of how much God loves us to bless us with another day. Sometimes I just want to pull over and bask in the scene!

  2. Sunrise *is* a gift. What a beautiful picture!

  3. That sounds heavenly!
    "God's artwork in the sky"...I LOVE THAT!
    And what a beautiful way to share this meme!
    Thank you have added such a special touch to the end of my day today:)

  4. Nice post and picture! A great reminder to "stop and smell the roses" ... to be in the moment every now and then. I bet 99% of those in your shoes never take a moment to enjoy the beauty God is showing us.

  5. This is a sabbath moment!! sorry, I sometimes have a one track mind, :)
    This is a beautiful post. You write beautifully and this will make a great meditation for me tomorrow morning! God bless.