Sunday, September 15, 2013

National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children

Photo Credit:  Sheila Axt, Women's Support Center, Milwaukee
"In 1984 children playing near a dumpster in Milwaukee discovered the remains of aborted babies whose bodies had been dumped by the driver of a courier for a bio-hazard waste company. When police questioned the children, they simply replied that they had been playing with the "Little People"-26 unborn children who had been aborted at the Milwaukee Bread and Roses Women's Health Center. The bodies of these aborted babies were buried by compassionate pro-lifers at Holy Cross Cemetery. 

Four years later, on September 10, 1988, approximately 1,200 more aborted children were buried at Holy Cross. The bodies of these babies were set out for trash pick-up on a loading dock of the Vital Med pathology lab in Northbrook, IL, and they were retrieved by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and the Pro-Life Action League

These "Vital Med" babies included hundreds of unborn children aborted at two, now closed, Milwaukee clinics: Summit Women's Health Organization and Metropolitan Medical Services."
~from Pro-Life Wisconsin website

Photo Credit:  Sheila Axt, Women's Support Center, Milwaukee

Photo Credit:  Sheila Axt, Women's Support Center, Milwaukee
Across the nation, on September 14th, the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children, pro-life advocates gathered at cemeteries to pray for the millions of innocent lives that have been lost to abortion.  Here in Milwaukee, about 200 people gathered at the children's section of Holy Cross Cemetery in front of the gravesite where over 1200 aborted babies have been buried, to listen to speakers, to sing and to pray, and to grieve together over what might have been, indeed, what should have been.

Pro-life clergy including Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz from Lincoln, Nebraska, Bishop Donald Hying, Fr. William Kurz, SJ, and Lutheran Pastor Reverend Mark Knappe, some of whom had been present to assist with the burial of these babies, gave moving statements about the evil of abortion and the value of life.  Leaders of several pro-life organizations including Pro-Life Wisconsin and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society spoke about their memories of finding these aborted babies.  Most moving was the tearful testimony shared by Laura Brown from Silent No More Awareness Campaign about her own abortion and the pain she endured since that horrific day when her baby died. The excruciatingly painful stories of life ended too soon were unbearable to listen to.  Tears were freely flowing from nearly everyone's eyes.
Laura Brown-photo credit:  Sheila Axt, Women's Support Center, Milwaukee

The 40 Days for Life Campaign begins on September 25th and runs through November 3rd.  Won't you please sign up to prayerfully witness to the sanctity of life in your area?  Until the day that all of the abortion clinics are closed, and abortion is no longer a scourge in this country, we cannot rest.  We must all pray and work together to bring about an end to abortion, and to bring healing to those who have suffered from the effects of this murderous action.

"O God of Justice and Mercy, send your healing graces to the parents of these aborted children.  We pray for their conversion, and the conversion of the staff and abortionists who killed these little ones.  May they come to know your truth and your love.  And please, O God, bring an end to the injustices of abortion."  ~Citizens for a Pro-Life Society


  1. In recent years caring for my mom has consumed my life. Thanks to this timely reminder, Anne, this year I shall be participating in the local 40 Days For Life activities, especially in spending time before the Blessed Sacrament.

    1. I thought of you, Tom, while at this event. The woman who found the babies back in 1988 is married to a man who started the Guadalupe Group in Michigan with which you are familiar. I can't remember his first name but his last name would be Migliorino Miller. His wife is in the above video.

  2. Thank you Anne for posting this horrendous truth and ways we can help eradicate the evil of abortion. I will pray for the unborn and the mothers and fathers and all the families who have lost such a great and sacred life to abortion. I appreciate your reminder of the 40 days of life campaign coming up this month. I am so grateful these babies at least have grave markers. God help us all for the far reaching consequences of this genocide.

  3. Oh Anne, thank you for this tribute and remembrance to these precious innocent ones. We have no graves of aborted children in my town, so I was not able to participate in that way. I am so weary, of this nightmare of abortion which has endured throughout my entire adult life. Sometimes I just want to can this be legal? Perfectly reasonable people aren't disturbed by this outrage...many attend Mass regularly. Sometimes I cry, because I feel so helpless. Will it ever end? We have 40 days for life this go round as well. At least a small something I can be a part of. May God soon end this holocaust, for only He can. Thank you Anne for reminding us.....