Monday, June 8, 2009

Forbidden Fruit

Monday morning work story...

A three-year-old boy walked into my office and immediately opened my desk drawer. His mother, embarrassed, scolded him and directed his attention to the basket of toys. Happily distracted, he forgot all about the temptation of the desk drawer.

Another three-year-old boy entered my office. He too, found my desk drawer and immediately opened it. He found the apple that I was saving for my lunch and he began to eat it. His mother ignored him and didn’t acknowledge his behavior. I smiled and said, “How hungry you must have been! How lucky for you that you found a nice, healthy apple to eat!”

Lord, let me hunger for you, like that boy hungered for my apple. Don’t let anything hold me back. Amen.

1 comment:

  1. How God longs for us to grab that juicy apple of His love and bite into it, savoring every aspect of it!

    Thanks for the great story!