Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spirit in the Wind

"Listen closely to the wind. It is the sound of leaves in the trees dancing and writing beautiful poetry across the sky." Flavia

My dear friend, Danette, gave me a plaque with these words written on it at a time when I was feeling discouraged and wanted to give up writing. I believe it was a gift to me from the Holy Spirit, moving through Danette, to my heart. I can't ever hear the wind without thinking of the Holy Spirit. Can you just feel the Holy Spirit writing poetry across the sky, right into your heart and soul? He's telling you that he loves you and he wants you to feel joy and peace. I thank the Holy Spirit for always being present to me, and I thank Danette for allowing the wind of the Holy Spirit to work through her for my benefit.

Wondrous Holy Spirit,

Thank you for working in our hearts with your beautiful poetry of love and friendship. Thank you for using our lives to bring your joy and peace to those around us who are in need of encouragement.


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