Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spirit of Fire

You are the flame fanned into being by the breeze.

Higher and higher You climb.
Sparks fly out from Your peaks.

You reach out to me and draw me in closer.
Warmed by Your presence,
Mesmerized by Your movements,
Comforted by Your sounds,
Mystified by Your fragrance,

I will remain in Your warm, glowing light
enjoying Your goodness, enjoying You.


  1. Everything you write has heart, I think that's why so many people love your blog.

  2. Lovely - then it makes me think of the dangerous side of the fire - the part that consumes, burns and reduces its fuel to ashes. Also brings to mind how God is One: Fire, or like the sun, but also three: the source of the flame, the heat, and the light. (not my idea, I am remembering it from the book Joshua)

  3. Lovely poem, Anne.

    I read your email and must have accidentally deleted it. I want you to know how proud I am of you! God bless you abundantly!!!

  4. Such a powerful yet gentle picture of God's love.