Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Textures of Faith

The broken texture of sin
hanging from a cross
health and vitality gone
replaced with wounds, blood and pain
a change in physical essence becomes a
bold entrance into the fabric of our lives
as an ointment of healing

with radical adaptation,
I can also change texture
to a form of all-encompassing love

When sorrow breaks into life,
I resemble a velvety soft rose petal
with fragrant aroma
bringing comfort to those who hurt

During times when disobedience dominates,
I am coarse sandpaper
smoothing down rough edges
that threaten to splinter lives
with the pain of unruly behavior

Difficult questions erupt like an overflowing water fountain
and I take on the qualities of a sponge;
absorbing the questions and possible answers
and then squeezing out solutions of peace

In joyful moments,
heart bursting with happiness,
my spirit is a sweet and bubbly champagne,
ready to pop the cork open and share joy

Silent moments on my knees
adapts my texture to the witness of my faith,
in gratitude for the constant love of Jesus
and His example of textural change.

Written in response to Fr. Don Hying's New Heart New Spirit Newsletter from St. Francis de Sales Seminary.


  1. WOW - my first visit to your blog and this is powerful and quite beautiful.

    I want to welcome you to my blog. I always love meeting new bloggers when they comment or become a follower.


  2. Wow! What a beautiful response! " In joyful moments,heart bursting with happiness,
    my spirit is a sweet and bubbly champagne,
    ready to pop the cork open and share joy"

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! :)

  3. I found your poem fascinating. I loved the changing textures in relation to the the different spiritual qualities reflected here. I love poetry! You probably already know that:) I especially love poems rich in symbolism. It's like digging for treasure in richly, layered soil. Each layer reveals a gem. I loved the sandpaper stanza and the one John speaks of ,too. Blessings to you all. May your sweet spirit continue to touch so many!

  4. Beautiful and delicate, Anne.
    You've got such a gift! :)