Saturday, September 12, 2009

He Will Come To Us Like the Rain

He will come to us like the rain.
Hosea 6:3-6

Dear God,

Like the rains that flood the earth,
I want you to flood me.
Fill me with your refreshing water.
Drench me with your love.
I want to feel your love and grace fill every pore of my skin,
And soak right through to my very core, my soul.
I am an empty jar
waiting for you to pour your love into me.
I long to be like a watered garden
that is nourished and fed with your Word.
I need to grow beyond my stagnant and dehydrated life
to fresh beauty in your love.
This can only happen when your Spirit
recognizes my desire, my emptiness, and my thirst
and comes to me like the rain.
I wait in silent longing
for your rain to flow into my soul.



  1. Lovely. I'm so thankful that I stumbled upon your blog yesterday - you have such a gift with words.

  2. Mandrivnyk is right - you DO have a gift with words. You express your longings so beautifully, and I'm certain his healing, refreshing rain is on its way in response to your prayer.

  3. You see! We all think you have a way with words!
    You express so well the deep longings in us all. I'm stealing your prayer again.

    The Good Thief