Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Forbidden Fruit

“Think about the shape of Adam and Eve’s hands as the reached for the apple. It was one of grasping, taking. Now, compare that with Jesus’ hands as he stretched them out in abandonment to God’s will on the cross.” Fr. Don Hying

How I long to take a bite of the delicious,
red, mouthwatering apple
that is set before me Lord.
I stare at it.
I turn it over and over in my mind.
My desire is deep.
My hand moves to reach for it.
My heart races with excitement.
I can almost touch it, feel it, and taste it. I’m so close.
But you pull me back, Lord.
It’s not meant for me.
It will be left on the tree so everyone else who sees it,
can enjoy it as well.
My tears of sorrow and regret fall freely down my face as I slowly walk away.
I thank you, Lord, for delivering me from temptation,
for You alone are my
true desire.


  1. How true and beautifully put. I like the words of your friend Fr. Don.
    Thanks Anne and God Bless!

  2. Bless you, Anne, for walking away. During my late teens and early twenties I took great big bites of this apple. I can't say that I enjoyed it though; at the time, I was miserable inside. The apple of temptation had a great big worm inside it.
    Thank you, Jesus, for opening your arms to me on the cross!

  3. Life is filled with temptations everyday, both great and small. The fruit, or the pleasure derived from it, is small lived. When I scrolled down your post and saw my crucified Lord, I got chills. What temptation here on earth could be worth causing Him such pain. God Bless your strength and the love you share.

    Thank you, this is beautiful.

  4. Did you know that the tree was never specifically called an apple tree? It was probably a fig tree, however we all see the image of the apple tree when we think about that passage. Interesting :)