Sunday, October 18, 2009

Praise! This One's For the Girls!

Joining with Jennifer at My Chocolate Heart in a list of praises. I am a terrible copy-cat, her post included praises for time spent with her daughters, so I thought I would just have to share the joy that my daughter Mary brings to my life.

Last Sunday the kids and I spent a Holy Hour at the Seminary praying for vocations. It was the first time that Mary has heard the Divine Mercy Chaplet chanted. It must have made quite an impression on her. On Monday, when I came home from work, there she was processing around the living room with the crucifix held high above her head, and she was chanting "for the sake of the sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world" over and over again!

This morning, she came downstairs to snuggle under the covers with me for just "a few minutes more" before it was time for church. I told her that there was nothing I loved more than snuggling on a cold morning. "No!" she said. "There's nothing we love better than God!" She's just so smart! And sweet, too!

So, today I thank God for my lovely daughter Mary who knows that God is the most important, most worthy of all of our love, most wonderful, most everything! And, I thank God for my lovely Mother Mary, who also knows that God is the most important, most worthy of all of our love, most wonderful, most everything-and she is the one who always leads my daughter and I to her precious Son.


  1. Anne, I love this sharing! I have 3 girls and it's amazing to see them grow loving our Lord and Mother...

    You are a great mom, Anne!

  2. Thank you, Anne. I love reading posts like this. How you must have smiled when you saw her chanting the Divine Mercy Chaplet :) Your children all sound wonderful. Easter A. is right!

  3. It always encouraging to read about a family that values it's faith and is passing the faith on to their children through love.

  4. Hi Anne! How old is your daughter? She sounds so sweet, like her Mom :) Even my littlest kids say the Divine Mercy Chaplet because when we don't have time for the Family Rosary, we say that instead. It's such a great prayer!

  5. Beautiful, Anne. Just beautiful! It is so clear what a wonderful mother you are. You have such wonderful children. You are inspiring!

    I noticed your post on the consecration, and I have to make some time to read it. I have read some of St. Louis' words, and I do want to do this, but I haven't yet ... In His time ...

    Blessings to you this day!

  6. Thank you for all of your kind comments! Mary is 8 years old, she's in the 3rd grade this year.