Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday Stone by Sherry Antonetti

On this day when we remember our many weaknesses and thank Jesus for His deep and sacrificial love which washes away our sins, I came across this poem which spoke to me of my own frailty in faith.  It was written by Sherry Antonetti who graciously agreed to let me share it here.  Sherry blogs at Chocolate for Your Brain.

Good Friday Stone

How brave we all feel
saying something daring
when it is popular.
How terrified when
we must speak against the grain.
Everyone loves to think
they are standing at the precipice
but only those who can see the down side
the great expanse ready to swallow them whole
really are.

Peter knew the absolute truth
and he ran, he swore, he lied.
I am not ready
I haven't the steel
I like too much to be liked.
I'd like to warm myself by the fire
and be silent.
I could still believe, still follow
if no one noticed me.
It doesn't work that way
and I knew it. I always knew.
So I will pray not to be put to the test,
or if I am, and I fail, that I return
again and again and again
until I pass.

The mountain falling on me would be easier.

~Sherry Antonetti

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