Friday, March 15, 2013

The Holy Face in the Way of the Cross X-Jesus is stripped of His garments

(The tenth in a series of posts praying the Stations of the Cross...begin here and then follow along each day.)
The mental suffering of Jesus is indicated in His Face in this, the tenth station.  Men drop their eyes in Christian modesty, which in the pure and humble is but instinctive shame for the stains of original sin.  Jesus lifts His eyes, because He is unsullied by any sin and stands clothed in Innocence and in His own Blood, symbolizing our poor, torn humanity restored to innocence and grace by this Most Holy Victim.

Jesus, when death strips me of all things else, let my soul appear for judgment clothed in the red mantle of Your Blood.

Mother Most Pure, pray for me to Jesus, the Holy Lamb of God.

(From The Holy Face in the Way of the Cross with etchings by Hippolyte Lazerges and reflections by  Father Page, C.S.C. aka Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald, sP, the founder of the Handmaids of the Precious Blood, published by the St. Columban's Fathers Foreign Mission Society)

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