Monday, March 18, 2013

The Holy Face in the Way of the Cross XIII-Jesus is taken down from the cross and placed in His Mother's arms

(The thirteenth  in a series of posts praying the Stations of the Cross...begin here and then follow along each day.)

There is the gentle majesty of Holiness, something suggestive of the calm sleep of innocent childhood, on the Face of Jesus taken down from the cross and placed in His Mother's arms.  It would seem as if the years had been suddenly turned back and the peace of a Nazareth eventide had settled with the lips of Mary upon the Face of God.

Jesus, whatever the cost, and I have surely cost You much, do not let me die without heartfelt repentance for my sins, without the absolution of Your priest, the blessing of Your vicar, the Unction of the Holy Oils, and Your Kiss of Peace in Holy Viaticum.

Blessed Mother, as you stood by Jesus dying, stand by me and those I love, in that dread hour when into fearful darkness the Light of Justice reaches, to fall with fearful brightness on our souls.

(From The Holy Face in the Way of the Cross with etchings by Hippolyte Lazerges and reflections by  Father Page, C.S.C. aka Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald, sP, the founder of the Handmaids of the Precious Blood, published by the St. Columban's Fathers Foreign Mission Society)


  1. Thanks, Anne.
    I guess I needed this station today. That's how I feel: as if I'm standing by as those I love destroy themselves and destroy their futures. I read your sea glass prayer and thought, "that's how it feels to be a sidewalk counselor--like you become a gritty little piece of talking sand..."

    Praise be to our Blessed Mother who stands by with those she loves through all things.

  2. Dear Anonymous, it sounds as if you are really going through a hard time right now. I am so sorry! I will be praying for you and asking the Blessed Mother to not only stand by you but to hold you up with her love, as well. God bless you!