Monday, June 1, 2009

A Fragrant Flower

You are a flower in my heart
You are bright and colorful
Absolutely beautiful to behold
When I get close to you,
I notice that you offer more
Than beauty for my eyes
But your petals contain a
Fragrance so sweet, it consumes my senses.

I want to pick you from your stem, and hold you
And keep you forever.
But I can’t.
For to do that, would be to destroy you.
The life that flows through you from the earth
Would be cut off.
Without that nourishment, you will wither and decay
Your petals will turn brown and fall off.
Your rich fragrance will die.
You won’t resemble what you once were.
Your beauty will be gone.

If I love you, really love you
(and I do)
I will leave you right where you are planted.
I will resist the urge to pluck you.
I will stop and admire your color and your fragrance.
I will breathe you in deeply with my senses.
I will memorize your beauty.
Then, I will pass on by.
I will leave you right where you are, unharmed.
You will remain where others can enjoy your beauty as well.

In my mind, you will always remain fresh,
Fragrant, and lovely.
I can return to you anytime I want.
You will be my fragrant flower memory of love.
Thank you for sharing your beauty with me.


  1. Lovely...I can almost smell the scent of roses. You must have a green well as a poetic soul.

    Thanks for your kind comment's not hard to write beautiful things about Mary, is it?
    I'd be glad to share my NICU experience with you. Do I have your email already?

  2. Jennifer, I'm sorry, I thought you could get my email address from the comment picture. Its I look forward to hearing from you!