Thursday, September 24, 2009

Angel of Prayer

God has overcome me.

When my soul becomes so full
of the wonder of His presence
that I can no longer contain Him,
He overflows in the form of tears
spilling from my soul-windows during Holy Mass.
I bend to my knees in humble submission
to His glory.

I can feel His angels surround me,
and my guardian angel joins me in prayer.
She gently reaches into my heart
and takes my prayer into her hands.
She tenderly carries it to God,
and breathes my prayer into His heart.

Once the tears and the prayer
have been released from my heart and soul
to their proper Home, the heart of God,
peaceful exhaustion takes their place.

I simply rest in the Lord, my peace.


  1. Anne,
    What a beautiful image of your angel joining you and taking your prayer, your tears to heaven!
    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. The ecstacy that only comes from our Lord! This is so beautiful! Thank you.

  3. What a wonderful are truly gifted! I love the icon and I love your new look : )

  4. Anne, This is lovely. Your images fill my spirit with peace. Well done my friend

  5. ALL of it - this post and others - are wonderful! God bless you for the gift of inspiration you are able to give to others.
    Praising God for you and all your good works...

  6. I'm with Easter! We are blessed to share in your gifts! Awesome poem! "He overflows in the form of tears spilling from my soul- windows during Holy Mass." Love that!

  7. Anne--

    Very impressive. What funny paths our lives take . . .


  8. Wonderful reflection and I too love the new look - tell me how did you do it because I would love to change my own wall paper other than what blog offers.