Saturday, October 24, 2009


He sits on the bench,
fingers working beads,
lips silently mouthing prayer.

He is alone with God.

Hidden angels peek
through the canopy of leaves
in the trees that surround him.

He is oblivious to everything
but the presence of God
and his longing for Him.

A child, finding him on the bench,
impulsively runs
to wrap him in a hug.

He warmly welcomes her
into his sacred prayer.

The angels sing for joy
causing the vibrant-hued leaves
to shower down to the earth
in their own prayer of praise.

If I were an artist
I would paint a picture
of that scene…

-the priest, the child,
the angels and the leaves-

so I would forever be reminded
of that wondrous moment,
deep with reverence
for life,
for love,
and for God.

HAPPY WORLD PRIEST DAY! (October 25) If your life has been touched by a priest, please say thank you! Where would we be without these good and holy men who care for our souls?


  1. Anne,
    This is beautiful. I can actually see the scene unfolding as I read these words.
    And yes, thanks God for our good and holy priests!

  2. Good post. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    God bless.

  3. Beautiful picture you painted with words!! God bless.

  4. Beautiful! So lovely to see your grotto too!

  5. Delicious poem, Anne! You are wonderful in your wonder of Him!

  6. Deo Gratias for our holy priests!

  7. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Anne! You would love our parish priest...he spends his free time walking the streets of town, popping in and out of local businesses and libraries, etc...chatting and handing out rosaries!!! At our "new parishoners" breakfast today...3 or 4 people present were not even Catholic but had met Father Lombardi around town and are actively researching the Faith at this time!!!

  8. Beautiful poem! God bless our priests!