Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Incredible Shrinking Girl

I'm growing smaller. Standing in church between two of my teenage sons, I now only reach their shoulders and must bend my head backwards to look them in the eyes. I am shrinking, losing height. I am a tower that is falling.

I am smaller in other ways, too. My mind is smaller. I look at the surface of people and things and fail to notice the depth that lies underneath. I listen to hurtful comments and I immediately become defensive instead of accepting the full scope of the words that hurt and acknowledging that those words might have been lashed out in response to their own hurt, the hurt that I might have unknowingly caused.

I look at others whose appearance or actions are different than mine, and I immediately judge them and write them off as someone I wouldn't want to know. That beam that is stuck in my eye blinds me to so much goodness and beauty in the world around me.

Stretch me, Lord. Tug on my heart and my mind and my soul so that I will become an expansive vessel of your love to others. Take this shrinking girl by the hand and help me to grow in Your Love. Amen.


  1. Anne,
    I love the prayer. I am always amazed at how God shows us things about ourselves in the very ordinary things of life- like your sons' growth spurts :)
    Hugs & Blessings!

  2. That was intense. How easy it is for me to fall into that too.

  3. The different phases of our lives can be a challenge and a blessing; most of the time they walk hand in hand.

    I love your post,especially your prayer.

  4. Oh, amen. I can't yet relate to my kids being taller than me, but everything else sounds like you reached into my heart and pulled it out. Well said.
    Lord, help me grow, too.

  5. Hi Anne,
    Isn't it wonderful how we grow into the sort of people that our loving God can use for His service?

    It's only when we see people through our heavenly Father's eyes that we can love them for who they are, not who we think they should be. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Jillian ♥