Friday, March 12, 2010

Seven Quick Takes-Links and Quotes

I've got some great links I want to share, and a few more favorite quotes that have been working my heart this week, so today's quick takes is a mixed bag.

1. My sister Debby has an awesome blog, Heavenly Humor. She has been working on a children's book called "The King's Kids" and has been posting pages of it on her blog. Today's page features none other than my precious daughter, Mary. (It's the same picture from my sidebar with some lovely additions.) Won't you check it out?

2. A quote for Lent that helps me feel better about my failures comes from my own parish Pastor, Fr. Dave...“Flunking Lent is still a gift from God. When you do well following your Lenten observances, that isn’t goodness on your part. It is God who gave you the strength to do it. So, when you fail to have the strength to follow through on your Lenten observances, that too, is a gift from God.” Fr. Dave Cooper, Pastor St. Matthias Parish, Milwaukee

3. A blog that I have recently begun to follow that lifts me up tremendously with daily reflections on the readings is Redemptorist Preacher written by Fr. Jon. It is always a source of great inspiration, both uplifting and convicting. I highly encourage you to pay him a visit!

4. I've been working on the freedom that comes from forgiveness this Lent, and this quote really speaks to my heart. It's from Creighton University Daily Reflections, which, by the way, is another awesome resource that I can't miss! I've been reading the reflections daily for the past few years. “Forgiveness happens in layers, especially when it is a huge or deep hurt. We can forgive, and then years later a triggering event happens and the old wound resurfaces. Again, we pray to forgive.” Joan Lanahan, Creighton University Daily Reflections

5. I've written about a lovely Holy Hour that I attended last weekend at our Seminary. The Holy Hour was sponsored by The Missionary Servants of the Holy Family, a new lay group whose focus is to pray for the sanctity of families. It is a beautiful effort run by a sweet young girl, Maryclare Stephens who has a wonderfully large heart and a deep love for God and for families. Please visit her website and join her in prayer for families and for the success of her lay effort. When you visit, be sure to check out the photos link, they're very inspirational!

6. This Lent the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is celebrating "The Season of Mercy". I think this quote is awesome and very fitting, and I highly recommend the book it is from-it's wonderful! “In a careless moment, when we accidentally leave the door to our hearts slightly ajar, God comes barging in and corners us and tells us the truth that strips all the lies and deception and pretensions away: we are loved to the core of our being. We are loved despite all of our weaknesses and failures, and we are not going to change God’s mind about this matter. Nor are we going to change His heart. The only question left for us to answer is this: will we accept God’s mercy?” Patrick Hannon, The Geography of God’s Mercy

7. Just a Minute is a lovely blog with great writing and fabulous pictures. Jenny H. prays with the Psalms every Saturday. This week she is praying and reflecting on Psalm 9. Won't you join her?

Thanks to Jennifer at Conversion Diary for the MEME! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your LENT certainly doesn't SEEM like a failure from this end, looking in! SUCH wonderful links and verses for us to ponder and explore today!

  2. Hi Anne, thanks for the plug.

  3. Thanks for the links. I will have to wait until tonight to check them out -- or be late for work. Nope, that latter is not an option!

  4. dear anne,

    i am so happy to have found your blog!

    love all your reflective encouragements.
    there is a sweetness about his place that
    resonates within me.

    many blessings!

  5. Thanks for the links! I will check them out.
    I also love the link in #4 - I also needed to hear that quote. Was that meant for me? :)
    I read the book you mentioned in #6. Agree it is wonderful. We seem to be on the same page this week, or at least in the same book! :)
    God bless!

  6. Anne,
    These are great! I've been on your sister's blog [actually I follow it], she's funny and is a poet, too. It must be a family gift :) I was glad to hear #2 'cause I'm flunking Lent bigtime! I'll check out the links you left, too.

    Thank you for the sweet prayer you left on my blog. It made me smile and lifted my spirits :)

  7. Thank you for these links. I found the quote from your Pastor very comforting! I had never thought about it in that light, and it certainly helps. I also enjoyed the quote about God barging in when we leave the door cracked open. I have certainly felt that in my life. (I've also noticed that he does this, thankfully, when I have the door closed as well!)