Thursday, December 31, 2009

Saturday Evening Blog Post

Once again I am joining in Elizabeth Esther's Saturday Evening Blog Post. This month instead of contributing our favorite post from last month, she is asking us to share our favorite post from the last year. I chose to share Jesus Freak from last July. I think this post describes who I am very well, and I suspect it describes many of my readers as well. Sharing our faith with others is so very important,even, and sometimes especially, when it is difficult and we are ridiculed for it. God bless you all in your efforts to share your love of God and Christianity with others.


  1. Great post, Anne. It takes courage in the face of all that criticism, but when Jesus tells us to not be afraid we believe him, he goes before us always as we witmess to his wonderful love.

  2. Anne, I love that!! I have often felt the same way! I know I have to be careful not to come on too strong. But this is my life and my love. I am fortunate that I work in the church office so no problem there!!
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog post.
    AND ...I know Karinann gave you the Sister in Faith award. It only makes sense that those of us who "hang out" together, would want to give the award to each other over and over!! So I mentioned you in my blog post about the award! God bless!

  3. Hah! I remember that post clearly! That was when I realized you had Jesus constantly on your mind, too, and I said we should start a J.F.F. Club - Jesus Freaks Forever. Only this time I would add an extra F for Friends :)